I am Jonas Norberg, born 1977 in Hudiksvall, northen Sweden. There I made, played and sang music, played with computers and rode a moped. Then I moved even more north to Umeå. After that I moved to Stockholm and started my career in the video games industry.

Nowadays I live in San Francisco, California, USA. I have two younger (and no older) siblings. To contact me mail:
(the adress is a weird picture to prevent mail harvesting)

Music, mp3

I played in a band and produce some music on my own, download mp3's here

VST plugins

I have created a few VST plugins.
I like ZingerDx best so far. Read More.

Vector Quantization

If you are interested in image compression, read about VQ.. Read More.


I really like the C64. Click here for pictures.

STL-style Container

Inspired by the book "Exceptional C++" i implemented a STL-container called ring_buffer. Download the free (as in speech) source! Read More.


I have released a softsynth / tracker to the beos, Heavily inspired by Abyss's AHX tracker for amiga. Click here for sound samples.


This is a simple game called: DynaMate

It is available for Snes, Dreamcast, Gameboy Color, BeOS and Linux.

AI Source

I made a small example of time slicing and A* path finding. Download the free (as in speech) source! Read More.

Online Shopping

Some sites online can look unsecure to buy from if you can not find any info on other people who shopped there. Read More.

My cool softsynth.

My not so cool softsynth.

My puzzle game 'Dynamate'

My first steps in (digital) photography