Dynamate is a free (as in free of charge) puzzle game available for Amiga 500,Neogeo Pocket Color, SNES, GP32, GBC, PalmOS, SymbianOS, BeOs, Linux, Dreamcast.

The BeOs version looks like this:

A couple of years ago (1995) me and my friend Björn Kalzen developed a game for the Amiga. Björn programmed and made levels, I did the graphics, music and levels.

The game was released as licenceware by F1 in U.K. but only eleven persons discovered the game (according to F1). That's not a developers dream -eleven users :-). We talked about putting it on the Aminet, but none of us had any internet experience nor connections, so we never did.

However the game never really left my thoughts, so when I registered as a Be developer I needed an easy project to start with, this game was the obvious choise.

Since then I've ported it to a few platforms myself and some other guys have ported it to other platforms. So far no ports are to mainstream computers, I find that kind of sweet.

The snes and NGPC versions has got the best instructions on how to play.

Download DynaMate for Symbian OS(36k sis)
Download DynaMate for Palm OS(28k zipped)
Download DynaMate for Neo Geo Pocket Color(22k zipped)
Download DynaMate for Super Famicom / Snes.(14k zipped)
Download DynaMate for GamePark GP32(350k zipped)
Download DynaMate for Sega Dreamcast.(112k zipped)
Download DynaMate for Gameboy COLOR.(14k zipped)
Download DynaMate for Linux.(48k gzipped requires qt)
Download DynaMate for BeOS from Bebits.(134k zipped)
Download DynaMate for Amiga 500(300k zipped)
First version (Amiga) by Björn Kalzn and Jonas Norberg
BeOS,GBC and Dreamcast version by Jonas Norberg.
Linux and Snes version by Lars Vikberg.
GP32 version by Flavor. visit his webpage
NGPC Version by Thor. visit his webpage
Palm version by Ivan Mackintosh
Symbian version by SomeOne see his other games
Levels by Jonas Norberg and Signe Norberg (my sister).
Are you a developer looking for a relatively small project to port? Port DynaMate!

Please contact me if you are interested in porting DynaMate. I will give you some source for the rules of the game, and some support if I can.

Wouldn't it be great to port this game to Spectrum, Mastersystem, and other low-end machines?

Have Fun!

Jonas Norberg < >